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Considering the history of the district, Vavuniya is one of the affected districts, suffered much in the civil war in Sri Lanka. As a result, the number of persons with disabilities proportionately, increased. Furthermore, until 1999, there was neither rehabilitation nor registered non – governmental organizations existed to help the disabled and handicapped community.

From various other districts, especially from Jaffna district, people displaced by the war moved, even so, the handicapped who were led in to the situation, felt the miserable condition in the Vavuniya district. Those few handicapped persons professionally stable and steady, found that a rehabilitation organization is vital to empower their co – persons with disabilities. Their membership and experience from other institutions initiated a foreground to make all their efforts effective efficient towards the rehabilitation.

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In order to enable us to incrementally achieve our New Projects, in the care and welfare of the Disabled & Mentally retarded persons who, unlike other differently able persons are incapable of even begging for their daily activities, we shall be greatly honored if you could assist us to carry our projects (current and proposed) by a generous donation.